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MaGiKa-Film Company emerged in 1990 and in three years' time had already established itself as a mature creative venture and organiser of four international Vesnianki (Spring Sprites) film festivals for children and youth that merited the UNICA Gold Medal for Promotion of Films for Children. The Company produces documentary and feature films.

The initial period resulted, among other things, in release of Granny's Fairy Tales, Before the Second Advent and LSD  animated cartoons. The company entered the Clermont-Ferran and Annessy (France) movie markets, got registered in a French international catalogue of animated cartoons producers and participated in Molodist (Youth) International Film Festival.

In 1994, MaGiKa-Film started production of  TV programmes, the first in the sequence being the CINEMA NEWS.

In 1995, the company released Medicine without Misteries television journal. Since that time on, medicine has become the principal topic with MaGiKa-Film.

From 2001 till 2005 MaGiKa-Film within the framework of co-operation with the UNICEF in implementation of the educational campaign for iodine deficiency prevention in the Ukraine.

Produced more than 20 documentaries, in particular, such films as Compatriots for UNHCR (2001),  Chronicles of Future Documentary Series for ILO (2003-2004) , Alina ( 2001), Let Intellect Live (2003), Chernobil. Area of nonsense (2006) for UNICEF has been broadcast at 70 TV channels.

In 2002, within the framework of co-operation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), MaGiKa-Film produced and released Compatriots documentary (Grand Prix at The Ukraine United television festival (Odessa City) and Diploma at the Stalker International Film Festival in Moscow.

In 2003, The Let Intellect Live  documentary started a series of educational films produced by MaGiKa-Film and intended for secondary school use.



From  till 2006 the MaGiKa Film Company was founder and organiser in Kharkiv city over 50th of arthouse screenings, film festivals of European , Asia and other national cinematographies.
MaGiKa Film Company was one of the founders Docudays Ua, Human Rights International Documentary Film Festival in Kiev. 
The Docudays Ua is a one in Ukraine documentary film festival that have focus and the competition program of artistic documentary films and the films on human rights. The Docudays UA Travelling Festival visited 100 settlements all over Ukraine,  about 150,000 viewers saw festival films in cinemas, culture houses, schools, universities, and prisons.
Since 2004 MaGiKa Film Company is co-organiser of the International Documentary Workshop in Ukraine.

Documentary projects dealing with life stories of our “special” contemporaries has become the next step the company takes along its chosen path of creative activities.

Other projects:

2001—2002: Organization of children rights workshops for national and regional media journalists in the cities of Kharkiv, Odesa, Lugansk and Lviv (with the assistance of UNICEF Ukrainian office)

Organization of workshops on refugees, migration and tolerance issues for national and regional media journalists in the cities of Kharkiv, Odesa and Lvsv (with the assistance of UNHCR Ukrainian office)

Preparation and implementation of the nationwide educational campaign for prevention of iodine deficiency-related diseases (with the assistance of the UNICEF Ukrainian office)

Educational Seminars “IV International Festival “Ukrainian Context” in consolidation of tolerance, overcoming of xenophobia and discrimination”. 
“Creation of the Network of Clubs of the International Festival “Human Rights Documentary Film Days.

Preventive Measures of Xenophobia and Racial Intolerance
Creation of the video-course and provide for teachers of Ukraine and NGO representatives efficient tool for fostering tolerance, non-acceptance of any type of discrimination and racial intolerance.

Right to Know
Presentation of the “Human Rights Documentary Days” – the Film Festivals program and film screening of the Penitentiary Department, Presentation of the festivals program for officials of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Ukraine in Kiev, as well as in regional offices of MIA in 24 regions and AR of Crimea, in public councils for human rights in all regions of Ukraine and in all subdivisions of MIA in Ukraine.

Documentary Films in Consolidating Democracy and Struggle Against Injustice: International Practice

Project Goals: Combine the interests of the third sector and the professional capacity of documentary film-makers in order to enhance the efficiency of their cooperation in using the potential of documentary films in the activities of youth, non-governmental and human rights organizations nationally and.

International Workshop and Seminar-training
„Video activism and video advocacy”

Target audience and beneficiaries of this project: representatives of youth, non-governmental and human rights organizations of Kyiv and regions of Ukraine, students of higher educational institutions for cinematography, directors and producers of documentary films of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia.


 Mass Media on the Issues of Refugees, Migration and Xenophobia Prevention adapted guide for journalists (192 pages);

 Iodine Deficiency Prevention guide for secondary school teachers (supervised and edited by V. Shakhnenko, 220 pages);

 Iodine Deficiency Prevention among Secondary School Students  guide for secondary school teachers (by A. Rudakova, 60 pages);

 Iodine Deficiency Prevention Workbook for 1—4 grade students  (by A. Rudakova, 50 pages);

Grow Up Healthy paint-it-yourself book for little children;

Compilation of Journalists Investigate chapter for The Children's Rights journalists' guide (published by the UNICEF, 116 pages)
Guide for NGOs  “Documentary Films in Consolidating Democracy and Struggle Against Injustice (international experience and best practices of using documentary films in the activities of youth, non-governmental and human rights organizations.

Methodical advices for guarantee of film showings in subdivisions of Ministry of Inner Affairs, 2008, 116 p.
Methodical advices for regional human rights organisations Docudays Ua step by step, 2008, 80 p